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Own a car or a delivery van? Make an income out of it!

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What is Luggage Pool?

Luggage Pool is an online platform that allows you to register your vehicle (a car or a delivery van) and connects you with senders who like to get help while changing homes, buying furniture from a store or shipping bulky items. If you are a traveler with some extra luggage space, register your capacity and make money traveling.

We are here to make shipment fast, affordable and flexible. Just connect with registered drivers and travelers on Luggage Pool community and save money on shipment.

Join Luggage Pool and benefit from our fast growing international community to

buy and ship parcels and large items.

What we offer

  • Peer-to-peer delivery Peer-to-peer delivery

    No more reliance on shipping companies’ schedules. You choose the date and time of your delivery

  • Guarantee 100€ Guarantee

    100€ guarantee for damage or loss of a product during the transaction process on Luggage Pool for verified members.

    Learn more about verification and secure your transactions.

  • Smart pricing formula Flexible pricing

    Discuss details of the task and set your own price

What people say




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Nice service! I've never thought that my delivery van can bring me passive income and help many people.




Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking

Bravo, Luggage Pool! It let me fully cover my tickets and, at the same time, help another person to save money for delivery. It’s a “win-win” concept.




Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking

That’s amazing! I not only sent my parcels successfully, but also got a lot of new friends around the world!

How you can do it

Have a car or delivery van or are you simply traveling ? Rent space!

I’m a ...

1.List vehicle

Share details of your vehicle by filling out a simple form

2.Get requests

Get requests to move bulky stuff within the neighbourhood or around


Use your vehicle to help people with moving bulky stuff

4.Get paid

In the process make money and friends

1.Offer space

Calculate the worth of your free space in luggage bag or vehicle while traveling

2.Get requests

Receive pooling requests or make offer to our listed senders


Discuss the details and do the delivery while traveling

4.Get paid

Wolla! You just covered your travel costs


Find a driver or traveler from our community or simply register your shipment needs.


Discuss details, finalize your booking and pay through our secure payment method


Get help in moving your bulky objects around or sending parcels worldwide


Get confirmation upon delivery and save huge on shipment costs

Join our driver community

Look at how many of them with us already

Need to buy or send an item?

Here are three ways to do it

You ask your acquaintance or family member to drop a parcel at the traveler’s

Your parcel is shipped and delivered quickly and safely

You make an online purchase, traveler receives and delivers it to you

Your trusted traveler is aware of the parcel’s content and handles it in the right way

Traveler buys an item and delivers it to you

You reimburse the traveler once you get the purchase

This is why we do, what we do
User stories

Clothes and chocolates, 4 kg

by plane
This was my first time using Luggage Pool. I am extremely satisfied. I parceled one package from Germany to India. Rahul was very helpful and did more than necessary to make sure my packet reaches home. I thank him and also the Luggage Pool community for making it happen.


by van
Driver was punctual and friendly. This is a great platform for transporting your stuff at cheaper prices. I would like to use it again if needed.

Airpods, 1kg

by plane
Delivery and communication was hassle free. Punctual and smooth. Pick up was also done from my home. Everything is super perfect!

Health care products, 3 kg

by plane
Hitesh is an amazing helpful guy. He really took extra care to send my parcel to final destination. Very happy & satisfied with his service.
Trim Lifestyle


by van
Punctual and of great help! Totally recommended.

Gifts, 15 kg

by plane
Perfect! cannot be better :-)

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