Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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13 November 2021

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Confused about what to gift your loved ones this holiday? Worry not cause here are the best Christmas gift ideas for anyone and how to deliver them easily!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

“Oh honey, Santa Claus isn’t real!”, you must have heard this line as a kid. But here’s a big secret: Santa Claus is real, and he resides within you, me and each one of us as the personification of the joy of giving. The only catch: each year your inner Santa gets confused about the gifts he should send his loved ones. Hop onto the sledge and let’s ride through the snow of your worries cause here’s a list of best Christmas gift ideas for the season:

1. Niche Down Your Gift Search

Is your son a fan of Marvel? Get him that Infinity Gauntlet and snap away your problems like Thanos snapped half of the universe (oops!). Or is your daughter a fan of BTS/K-Pop? That new album or a BTS ARMY Bomb will blow her mind!

If you know the interests of a person, give them something related to it; The more niche their interest looks, the better the gift in their perspective!

In case your relatives are into those popular handicrafts and jewelleries which your city is popular for, you can gift those too and ship it. Worried about the long delivery time and charges? Try crowdshipping with Luggage Pool for delivering stuff in less than 24 hours!

PS: We even have a record of same-day deliveries! 

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2. Gift a Local Delicacy

People often tend to have at least few favorite local delicacies which are not available near their place. And if your place has that popular local bakery which sells those mouth-watering macarons, send them to your loved ones ASAP! And once again, do not worry about food not remaining fresh since you can ship them within 24 hours with Luggage Pool! :)

3. Unable to Decide? Send a Gift Card!

Your gamer nephew will definitely be thrilled to look at that Steam gift card and buy that Cyberpunk game, and your friend will thank you for that Netflix gift card which would allow him to rewatch Friends* for the millionth time!

The point is: if you can’t decide, give them a gift card and let them do the thinking :)

*Yeah, we know it’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and not Friends!

4. Online Courses and Games Make Great Gifts Too!

The number of people engaging with online courses has increased dramatically since the lockdown era, and people buying games online has been a thing for a significant time. If you are sure that your friend is into cinematography, then go get them that course about creating cinematic shots with a DSLR camera. And in case you are planning to buy a new video game for your son, ask him if he is a Minecraft person or a GTA V person.

5. Good at Baking? Gift Them Your Homemade Cakes! 

Are you the kind of person who watches every Rosanna Pansino video and cannot stop the urge to create delicious cupcakes? If yes, do you like the idea of your friends and family having those for their Christmas dessert? Then your cupcakes would make awesome gifts! Of course, by now you already know how to ship them! 

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We hope that this helped you to decide on Christmas gifts for the year. Come, spread the joy of giving with Luggage Pool and let’s make this Christmas merrier for everyone we love!