COVID Travel Guidelines: All you have to know before traveling to India

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14 March 2021
Travel in Covid

COVID Travel Guidelines: All you have to know before traveling to India

Can I travel to India now? Yes, you can, just be sure to know the latest Covid rules for travelers

Can I travel to India now?

Corona, pandemic, lockdown, COVID-19 - all these terms send a shiver in the body, especially when we remember the lockdown times that we had to spend sitting inside our home: no outing, no regular office, no fun and frolic trip with friends, no overseas trip, no new exploration. Now that things have started returning to normal and people have started traveling, it is imperative to remember that Corona has not gone yet. So, you need to take proper precautions and follow MHA guidelines for international travel as laid by the Government to ensure that you do not get infected and do not become the carrier of the virus for other people.


As you see, Corona world is not a prison sentence but a new way of living. Be updated and conscious traveler. Have a safe travel and stay healthy! 

Many people ask. For people traveling to India from European countries or USA, the Indian Government has set up a list of rules and regulations that must be followed pre, during and post travel. The major ones that should be taken care of include the following:

Although many countries are still not issuing Indian tourist visaCOVID negative test report (PCR or Serology) is mandatory if you are lucky enough to have received the travel visa. The report should be received within 72 hours of the time of the departure journey. This report must be uploaded in the Air Suvidha portal along with a self-declaration form at least 72 hours prior to departure journey for India. 14 days prior travel history, if any, is also to be declared and proofs to be uploaded on the portal.

During travel and the entire journey of the flight, the face masks must be put on and for the middle seat passengers, PPE kit wearing is mandatory. Airports also do thermal screening before they allow you to board their aircraft and if the temperature is found to be above a limit, you might be asked to go back. Ensure to use sanitizers before you consume any eatables and do not let litter your waste anywhere. The face shields and the masks that have been worn during the journey of the flight must be disposed off at their stipulated places.


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Post travel, once you reach India, you will again be thermally screened and your temperatures will be recorded along with the address where you are going. You will have to submit to and pay for a confirmatory molecular COVID test and will have to present a copy of the self-declaration form. You have to home quarantine for a period of 7 days minimum or until you get the on-arrival COVID test report to be negative. In case, your on-arrival test report comes out to be positive, you will be sent to an isolation unit in some institutional facility and your samples will be genetically tested. If your virus shows a new mutation, you will have to remain in the isolation unit itself. If the virus is a normal strain, you may be asked to home quarantine (this is highly subjective to the person’s age, health condition and the country from where you are travelling). Additionally, if some passenger from the same journey as yours tests positive for COVID, and you have been sitting three rows ahead or behind him during the flight journey, you will be asked for a mandatory 7 days quarantine.

Although the number of commercial international flights is less as of now, you can still book your tickets and travel. Ensure to check the flight guidelines as well as keep checking the Government of India travel advisory latest rules and regulations for any updates prior to your flight journey. Upon reaching your destination, ensure to keep your masks on and practice all the safety and sanitization norms as laid down by the administration of that locality. In case you plan to travel within India, please ensure to keep a track of travel advisory within India as well as the latest guidelines for domestic air travel.

If you have been a traveler who has recently traveled to India from any of the foreign destinations, please share your travel journey and the step that you had to follow on Traveling in Covid. Your inputs might turn out to be helpful for other fellow travelers. Also, if you are planning to travel soon, you may ask your questions here and can seek real-time answers.