5 Awesome Ways to Make Money With Your Car!

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14 March 2021
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5 Awesome Ways to Make Money With Your Car!

Your car is an asset and here are few ways how it can earn for you

So you have an awesome car but the maintenance charges remind you of all the times you could have made more money to negate the fees? Not a problem, cause we are about to explore several ways to earn money with your car!

1. Turn Your Car into a Moving Billboard!

Are you a lazy person who wants to make money with a car but isn’t looking for extra trips? Do you just prefer to commute to your workplace and back home in your car? Then this is the perfect option for you! Simply contact a service that will wrap an advertisement around your car and get ready to receive a few extra bucks on your monthly paycheck! Works best if you aren’t trying to impress someone on your date with your ‘trendy’ billboard on four wheels.

2. Find Carpool Buddies…
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Thanks to the rise of carpooling apps, you can make money driving while traveling to your workplace with your coworkers. And oh, if traveling with your coworkers doesn’t sound very appealing to you, these apps will help you connect with other carpool buddies in your locality. BlaBlaCar and Wunder Mobility are a couple of popular carpooling apps to help you get paid to drive. And what’s more? You can find like-minded people and make new friends!

3. Not Using Your Car? Rent it!

Have forgotten about that old van or truck that’s stashed away in your basement? Or maybe you use your car occasionally? It’s time you think about how to make money with your van or how to make money with your car that’s hardly ever used. Pro tip: You don’t always need to drive to get paid! Just rent your car, so that others can use it to drive or start their own food truck, while you relax on your comfy sofa!

4. No plans for the weekend? Earn Money By Driving Yourself!

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft need no introduction. Why not be your own boss and drive when you want to as a registered driver on these apps? And in case you are wary of driving humans, try SpotOn, a pet-friendly ride-hailing service!

5. Earn & Meet Amazing People as Crowdshipping Driver on Luggage Pool
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Luggage Pool is trusted by drivers all across Central and Western Europe

Want to earn money on that long drive from your city to the countryside? Try delivering a package with Luggage Pool and make up or earn more than your fuel costs! You can even help folks in your neighborhood to relocate and move stuff around with that extra cargo space in your pickup truck, car or van.


And we haven’t told you the best parts yet:

  • you can set your own prices,
  • choose the services you provide,
  • work whenever you want,
  • make money on your fun trips,
  • and even find new friends!


Fill out the following details in this simple form:

  • select your country,
  • the vehicle type (car/van/truck) and it’s info,
  • the days you are available,
  • and of course, your own custom pricing and the extra services you offer!


Isn’t it wonderful that you can not only earn, but also add value to your social life when you are engaged in a side hustle with your car? So what are you waiting for!?  Register Now on Luggage Pool and Make Money With Your Van or Car!