Want to Send Parcel Overseas?

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27 March 2021
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Want to Send Parcel Overseas?

Are you looking for cheaper and faster international shipping? Do it hassle free and cost effectively!

Sending parcels overseas has never been a very easy task, a lot of guidelines have to be kept in mind and the time lag is usually high, else the logistics price gets sky touching. Getting your parcel delivered within a stipulated time frame with an economical budget is something that every parcel sender looks for.

How to send a package internationally?

A lot of factors are looked for before booking a parcel for international shipping, which also is a determining factor for the price of shipping. A few deciding factors include:

  • Shipping and picking address
  • Time frame of the delivery to be completed
  • Value of the items being sent
  • Packaging dimensions
  • Weight of the parcel

What are the traditional ways of sending parcels overseas?

International shipping usually takes a lot many stops as compared to domestic shipping; the parcel travels through land, sky, sea, maybe rail too; and is sorted and processed at multiple geographical locations. The parcel can be shipped via air route through private courier and logistic companies, cargo companies or through government players, or via online marketplaces that deal in logistics, and so on. A few major players of international shipping and freight services include DHL, FedEx, Aramex, Delhivery among many others. Websites like Courierpoint, Parcelmonkey etc. also ease the parcel sending process.

Crowdshipping – as a growing shipping method!

With many people living abroad for work or travelling on leisure trips, crowd shipping platforms are gaining huge popularity these days. Crowd logistics are an alternative to traditional deliveries using some particular registered company, be it private or government. Crowd shipping lets travelers traveling to a particular country carry your parcel. Basically, parcels are co-transported along with passengers. These passengers are not travelling to transport parcels but take parcels depending upon the luggage space and weight left that they can carry along with them in the travel medium they are using for their personal trip.

Luggage Pool is one such online platform that helps travelers, drivers and senders find each other, match the timing, and set the space availability and helps in sending parcel to the destination of the passenger. It is one of the cheapest ways to ship internationally.

How Luggage Pool works?

A traveler who has extra space while traveling, can offer space once their own luggage is set up in Offer Space section mentioning the From and To Country, free space, transport mean, additional travel details and price per kilogram. A person who wants to send a parcel by finding a traveler can contact the traveler directly on the Find Traveler page. In case you do not find a traveler, you can upload your details by register their request in the Register Parcel section and any traveler who happens to register for the same time will be able to see you and get in touch for taking your parcel to its destination.

If you are a frequent traveler or a sender, you can register on the website and you will be shown on that list when somebody starts searching for a parcel shipment.

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Although with crowd shipping a lot of precautions have to be taken and the safety of the passenger traveling is to be checked. All the senders and travelers must adhere to the safety checklist, parcel packaging checklist as well as weight and size dimensions. While the international shipping rates do not burn a hole in the pocket of the sender to ship the parcel, the traveler gets some relaxation on the travel cost incurred.

Luggage Pool is a win-win platform for both – the traveler and the parcel sender. Register today and be a part of the growing community and trend of international shipping and freight services!