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24 May 2021
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Who Else Wants to Be A Cool Superhero & Save A Life, Like This Guy!?

Join a crowdshipping platform like Luggage Pool! It helps you effortlessly earn money, be popular and in some cases, even save lives! Don’t believe us? Read further!

Do you remember the days when you were a child with a vivid imagination? There were a lot of things you dreamt about and were more ambitious than you might be right now as a grown up. Haha, that wasn’t meant to be a personal attack, so chill. But the truth is, most of us dreamt of being a cool, popular persona (like a superhero) who is good at what he or she does, and is liked by the masses. Sadly, if you were one of the quiet kids in the school, you might not have the same experience. Fortunately, we are about to see how you can easily be the Mr./Ms. Cool of your town, and also make some easy money! ;)


TLDR: Join a crowdshipping platform like Luggage Pool! It helps you effortlessly earn money, be popular and in some cases, even save lives!  Don’t believe us? Read further!

What makes a cool person ‘cool’?

Simple, he/she has a lot of friends and is known by multiple folks, either for being a kind and helpful person or by being the best achiever in his field! Not to mention he is up to date with the current trends related to his interests and what’s happening around him.

So what’s the easiest way to help others and be popular?

There are many, but we will emphasize on a platform that focuses on mutual help. And what if we tell you, that a person just saved a COVID patient’s life by delivering an oxygen concentrator from Germany to India (through the platform), and received a heart-touching letter of gratitude from the patient’s family!? The entire thing happened within 24 hours! Seems too good to be true, right? But the truth is, it has already happened, thanks to the power of crowdshipping! And about the name of the platform; drumrolls... it’s none other than Luggage Pool!


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So why only Luggage Pool?

Because crowdshipping is cool and it’s the inevitable future of logistics! Why are we expected to pay a hefty delivery amount and wait for weeks to get the delivery? And in case the product is damaged, it’s a headache to return it! If a service is offering you a guaranteed two-day delivery at half the price and double the security, hell yeah you would prefer it anytime over a normal and overpriced delivery service! And remember, cool folks adapt to changing times! 

Crowdshipping sure has a nice ring to it. But exactly is a crowdshipping platform?

A crowdshipping platform is a delivery platform of the people, for the people and by the people. It’s as cool as the concept of democracy, only for a delivery service. These platforms are powered by travellers and drivers (car/van owners) like you and us. If you are trying to send a parcel to another country, a traveller (any other person like you) who’s about to go to that country will carry it for you and deliver it to the necessary person. This helps the traveller to earn some money and cut a major chunk of expenses on his travel tickets!

So I am just delivering a parcel and earning money; How am I helping people with this?

You never know what useful thing might be inside a parcel, and as we mentioned before a person just saved a life by delivering an oxygen concentrator between two continents within 24 hours! Sometimes they can even contain medicines or special equipment. Can a normal logistics service do this? NO! Sometimes, the parcels require clearance, especially while being sent to other countries. In case it’s rejected, you NEVER get the refund! People often need to send another letter to the local customs office or at worst, pay a visit personally, just to get a clearance. Imagine all the hassle and frustration you are saving them from!

Not just deliveries, Luggage Pool also has the necessary set of features to help people shift homes. If you have a van, mini-truck or a car, you can apply as a driver who helps people move stuff to their new place and even offer extra services as a handyman or other tasks. If they rely on the old booking-and-appointment first system, they have to wait for months before they can move to their new homes. With your help, they can shift places within hours! And the money you gain is just a token of appreciation for your help cause you are making people’s life easier.

That’s good! Tell me about the other cool things I can do with your platform?

Did you know, you are also helping the environment by participating in a crowdshipping platform? If you commute or cycle everyday through the city, why not help deliver a parcel and offset the carbon emission for it, which would have been caused by the traditional delivery trucks? In fact, around 20-30% of the CO2 emissions in most European cities are just due to last-mile deliveries. And that’s just for transporting something from it’s last transportation hub to the final destination. Imagine the amount of CO2 you can save just by delivering something on your long morning walks, work commutes or cycling sessions. Oh cool, now you are the savior of the environment doing some social work!

That’s not it, cause you can even make a lot of connections on our platform, which can lead to friendships or love that can last for a lifetime! :) Human beings are social creatures, and we tend to add a lot of value to each other’s lives. So you never know that you might be helping them outside the platform too, by simply being a friend. If you're into Doctor Who, you might even the 11th Doctor’s quote:


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So if you are ready to be the coolest person in the town, join luggage-pool.com now! Don’t worry, it’s safer than other delivery platforms, both for the sender and the traveller, and also your parcel is insured! See you soon in the next post, until then: HAPPY TRAVELLING! :)