WATCH OUT! Are You Making This Mistake While Getting Your Parcel Crowd-Shipped?

Luggage Pool
30 March 2021

WATCH OUT! Are You Making This Mistake While Getting Your Parcel Crowd-Shipped?

Do not make this mistake while opting for a crowdsourced delivery of your parcel...

Courier services can burn a hole in your pocket, especially when it involves delivering a package between two different countries. Intercontinental deliveries can be even worse and the logistics can cost you more than the price of the commodity being delivered! Hence, crowdsourced delivery has emerged as a boon for all consumers. Of course it has a significant share of risks involved, but it wouldn’t stop the emergence of the new revolution in the logistics industry. Before we explain the risks and common mistakes, let’s answer the burning question for those who are new to the jargon:

What is Crowdsourced Delivery/Crowd-Shipping & How Will it Cut My Delivery Costs?

Let’s say you live in London. And you are an avid anime watcher who wants that cute Pickachu/Pokemon action figure, which is only available in Japan. The good news is, your friend stays in Tokyo and has purchased the sculpture for you! On the top of that, he is about to visit you in a week’s time! You are overjoyed about meeting your friend again but let’s be honest, you are definitely more excited about the thought of having a cute Pikachu in your living room. But hold on, your friend drops the bad news a couple of days before his scheduled arrival:

“Hey mate! I’m really sorry but I have to cancel my visit due to an urgent project requirement, and I can’t visit you for the foreseeable future! Lemme know about that Pokemon figurine...”

Well now, you have two options:

  1. Use a courier service like FedEx or DHL, which might cost you a lot and even take long to deliver your package.
  2. Crowdsource the delivery and get your package in a day, for cheap!

Unlike conventional delivery services, crowd-shipping is powered by normal folks, like us! So instead of handing over your Pikachu to an expensive logistics service, your friend can send it through another person who is travelling from Japan to London, and pay him a small fee, which will help him cover some expenses of the journey!

Sounds cool, But How Do I Find The One Who Would Deliver My Kawaii Pikachu?

There are several methods, and the first being the quite obvious one: find a trustworthy person in your network, who is about to make a trip from Tokyo to London. But such opportunities are rare.

Now you may decide to scrape through social media to find people making the required trip. Fortunately, there are Facebook groups for this purpose! You search through the posts and find an individual who can get you the Pikachu from Japan! You are about to assign him your mission, but just then you see a comment:

“This guy is a scammer! He totally ripped me off by 40 bucks and never delivered the parcel! Admins, please ban him from the group!”

Blog photo
Image Credits: Pokemon

Imagine this happening to your Pikachu! How scared would the poor creature be!? Don’t worry, we are about to introduce you to the best method for crowdshipping your parcel, but never make the mistake of using a social media group for the purpose! Always remember: social networking sites exist only to make communication easier and plan events!

Okay, How Do I Ensure That My Pokemon Is Safe?
Blog photo
We would gladly be the protectors of your Pikachu! (Pikachu Rig: Sketchfab)

So you want someone to guard for your Pikachu, on his journey through the seven seas? We got you covered! We at Luggage Pool, will ensure his safety and well being! Here’s why you should choose us as the bodyguard for your Pokemon:

  1. Parcel lost? Don’t worry! It’s already insured since you chose us! You get 100 Euros in case it’s damaged, lost or never delivered! Verify your profile, and get your goods protected now!
  2. Payment Protection: Whether you are the traveller carrying goods or the receiver, our escrow system protects both, ensuring that both the parties get what was promised! Paying via our platform has enormous benefits for all of us: you get a feeling of security due to the benefits, the traveller makes some money on the trip, while the commission helps us to improve Luggage Pool and serve you better in the future! It’s a win-win situation! 
  3. Find the Right Person: Since our platform is specifically designed for crowd shipping, it’s easy to search for the right people to deliver your parcel. And what’s more? All profiles have ratings on our platform and all accounts are verified via a KYC process, increasing the trust quotient!
  4. Had a dispute? We resolve them! The guy who has your Pikachu might be hesitating to deliver it within the promised time. Or maybe, he is demanding extra money since he had to travel more than expected. The great thing is, you guys have us a mediator to resolve disputes, as per our terms and conditions!
  5. 24x7 Support: Help us, to help you better! Be it weekends or weekdays, we are only a call away and available from 7 AM to midnight!

We have seen numerous industries transitioning from onsite work to the work-from-home culture, making it the new normal. Similarly, crowd shipping will be the new normal in the world of logistics, and we are here to make it better. And that’s not it, we have some amazing stories from our users, including the one about a cafe based in India, that runs with the help of Luggage Pool. We have helped them deliver numerous sweet delicacy from Spain to India. Click here to read the full story.

Also, since you know the secret sauce of getting your parcel shipped ASAP for a nominal price, why not get that plushie of your favorite show, that you have always wanted, from Japan? Click here to register with us!