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Our story
A tale of two travelers: Anastasiia and Palash, are two avid travelers who have visited more then 45 countries. The idea of Luggage Pool didn’t stuck to them in a stroke rather mellowed over the time.
Forgetting travel document: While Palash was visiting Anastasiia on a short holiday, he forgot his passport at Anastasiia’s place. Palash had to leave on a business trip in 2 days and there was no chance any post could deliver it. Luckily, they found someone through a ride sharing platform who was happy to take the passport and hand it over to Palash. That guy saved the day and put the seed of Luggage Pool in the minds of founders.
Changing homes: Some people wonder why do we have drivers on Luggage Pool ? In 2019 when Anastasiia moved to Stuttgart, Germany she was struggling settling in. Everytime she visited a furniture store they ask for a delivery time of atleast 14 days and delivery price ranging 50-150EUR. Anastasiia tried to find an alternate solution but it simply does not exist. Hence comes to the mind, what if someone with delivery van could help her getting the furniture fast. And tadaaa! Within a week blueprints and designs were ready and developers were all excited!
Traveling the whole world: Standing in the airport and observing the queue of people waiting to pay for their extra luggage didn't feel right, especially after carrying half-empty luggage bags to our trips. Why don't they rent my free space for half-price? Both of us could save!
Our goal
  • At Luggage Pool we believe in making shipment fast, easy and affordable for everyone. We are a huge fan of sharing economy and we promote sustainable use of resources. A peer to peer delivery is the best solution in modern times to deliver a product fast and safe.
  • We thank our partners , influencers , community members and our clients who showed us love and became a part of Luggage Pool in few months of its existence.
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