From Traditional to Modern Deliveries: Switch & Save 1000s of Euros a week!

Remove the hassles of in-house traditional deliveries by switching to crowdsourcing ensuring convenient last miles!

Challenges faced in managing Logistics

Logistics rules and regulations

Lack of knowledge of shipping and custom clearance rules of destination of shipment

In house logistic services

Extremely costly because of regular maintenance and repair

Personnel Costs

Hiring people to take care of various logistic functions is costly and high maintenance

Trustworthy partners

Difficult to find Business courier service provider who understands your business needs and provide services on time and in a trustworthy manner

Multi channel services

Demand time and managing efforts

Why do we come into the picture?

To save you from all the time taking formalities, knowledge updates, trust and transparency issues we have a crowdsourced delivery system in place.

You can be free from all the troubles and botherations related to deliveries from warehouses or stores to your customers’ door steps. We eliminate your needs of collaborating with multiple B2B logistic companies who might or might not ditch you in the middle of the contract. We guarantee affordable business courier services in Europe.

We convert all your delivery challenges into competitive advantage for you!

What we do?


Act as your Virtual Fleet

We have a network of registered drivers, travelers and logistic partners with us who act as delivery partners for your products. Our drivers with their pick up vans or other pick up vehicles are available when you need them to send business parcels. You need not worry about their maintenance or repair or insurance.

Amazing Customer Service

With our easy to use technology, seamless communication between the customers and stores and timely and careful door deliveries, we have been at the receiving end of amazing reviews from our customers.

Flexible Delivery Options

From small packages to big parcels, from extremely less price items to very pricey deliveries, we take them all. If you are a business looking for logistics, for whatever you need to deliver, we are at your service.

Manifold your ROI

Our driver database helps in serving to your peak service demands; thus ensuring same day B2B courier service so that your customers do not have to wait for their deliveries.

Reduce Costs

We dramatically reduce your cost of deliveries and demands for addresses for a better, cheaper, transparent delivery service.

How do we Work?


Get your personalized dashboard

Contact us using the below form with short description of your delivery need and our agent will get back to you in no time

Search, plan and book

Find a delivery partner on your own or let us match you with the right partner closest to your location using our smart matching algorithm

Track and follow orders

See your order fulfillment in real time and make your clients happy

Advantages of partnering with us?

Pay per use

Make the payment to us only when you ship something. For the days you don’t avail our services, we do not charge you


Keep a track on all movements: right from the pickup of your parcel/package until it is delivered, you have all the updates

Competitive Pricing

You will never get a chance to say that we are pricey


The driver reaches you in an hour and same day courier services to individuals are provided

Amazing Customer Support

We offer you 24/7 customer support, your queries are resolved at the earliest

Making deliveries seamless - Together we Can, Together we Will!

Which Business do we provide our Services to?


Courier and logistics

Fashion and media


Construction Companies

Electronics and Appliances

Couldn’t find your industry here?

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