How to Earn Money while Traveling

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19 August 2021
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How to Earn Money While Traveling Around the World: 5 Easy Ways!

Ever wondered how to earn money while traveling around the world? Here are 5 easy and awesome ways you can make some quick bucks on your trip!

How to Earn Money While Traveling Around the World: 5 Easy Ways!

Being a travel show host is a dream job for many! Because what else can be better than getting paid to travel!? Unfortunately, due to practical and realistic reasons, the dream of being a travel show host remains unfulfilled for a majority of us. But thankfully, there are several easy methods to earn some quick bucks on your vacation! Let’s explore 5 easy ways on how to earn money while traveling around the world:

1. Got Extra Luggage space? Deliver a Parcel for Someone!
Did you know you could deliver a parcel on your long journey, without changing the course of your travel? Thanks to crowd shipping, you can effortlessly earn money as you travel! Don’t worry if ‘crowd shipping' sounds monstrous to you. We have explained the term here: What is Crowdshipping? Simply register here on Luggage Pool, help people, and earn easily!

2. Be Someone’s Travel Companion!

Sometimes people need a travel companion, especially when they are visiting an unfamiliar place. If you are travelling to a familiar place, you can travel with and guide people through the place that’s unknown to them and make some quick money. Bonus points if the place has a different language which you can easily understand/speak. Furthermore, if you are travelling in your own vehicle, you can earn money easily not only by looking for carpool buddies, but also by delivering parcels as stated above! Register on Luggage Pool and be someone’s travel companion now!

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3. Got a Remote Job? Work As You Travel!

Do you know the secrets of a digital nomad? They look for remote jobs that pay them in dollars while they can travel around and spend in pesos! If you already have a remote job, make the most out of the opportunity and go travel the world! And if you think it’s impossible, the founders of Luggage Pool have travelled 45 different countries in a span of just 2 years, while working remotely!

4. Interested in Photography? Sell Your Travel Pics Online!

If photography is your passion, and you have a good fan-following on social media, you can easily sell your clicks on stock photo websites. In case you don’t have a lot of followers, you can use this opportunity to learn and improve your social media presence. And if you are a crypto-junkie, try creating a NFT because who knows if your NFT would be auctioned for millions of dollars, like Beeple’s art (sold for $69 Million)! The only downside: if you are travelling to France, you need to be wary of what you sell, since it is the only country to impose copyright on buildings and architecture! Fun fact: it’s illegal to photograph the Eiffel Tower at night! (for commercial use) 

5. Love Writing? Write eBooks for Kindle!
Before you say, “Oh please, I’m a master procrastinator, and you said this would be an easy way! You can’t tell me to write 450 pages of content!”… Chill! You can write books as short as 30 pages and publish them on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Platform. Furthermore, you can write about any topic of your choice, and simply publish your manuscript in a few clicks! With some market research, you can write a bestseller, which can be a source of a stable passive income.

So, how to earn money while traveling around the world? As we can see, it’s easy to earn even when you are abroad on a vacation! And participating in crowdshipping is the easiest way to do so.
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