Stop Being Exploited By Crowdshipping Groups on Social Media!

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23 May 2021
Shipping Travel in Covid

Stop Being Exploited By Crowdshipping Groups on Social Media!

Worried that you could be taken advantage of while crowdshipping a parcel? Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Whenever you choose to try out crowdshipping, either as a sender, receiver or the traveller/driver who delivers the parcel, what are your expectations?

Reduced costs and delivery times? 


Earn money as you travel? 


Making new acquaintances and friends on the way? 


A hassle free experience without security or payment issues?

Wait, don’t tick that box yet! At least not until you stop using social media groups to deliver your parcel and switch to a crowdshipping mediator like Luggage Pool!

Why NOT to use Social Media Platforms to Find a Courier?

Aren’t social media groups too easy & straightforward to use already? Why should I make my life difficult by signing up on a crowdshipping platform?

That’s true! We aren’t going to deny that social media is easy to use. But is there a guarantee that your items to be delivered are safe? What if the guy who you hand over your stuff to, turns out to be shady and steals your precious stuff? Or what if you are the one who delivered the parcel and you never get the promised amount? And sometimes the quantity you need to carry might be more than previously mentioned! Sounds scary, right?

What do you GAIN with Crowdshipping Platform?

Phew… I don’t want that happening with me! Tell me what a crowdshipping platform has to offer?

That’s where a mediator comes in! A mediating platform ensures that there are no disputes (be it for any specific use case, and not just crowdshipping). And in case there are disputes, the mediators solve it and ensure justice!

And what if I don’t get paid even on a crowdshipping platform or my parcel is lost?

On Luggage Pool, we promise that it will never happen if you are using one and stay in terms with the guidelines! Your money is kept safe in an escrow before the delivery and is handed over to you soon after you complete the delivery. And if you have a premium account, your parcel is insured with a 100€ guarantee, in case it’s lost or gets misplaced.


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What about the shady guys and businesses who might exploit us as travellers/drivers on the platform?

Your safety is our priority, hence no shady profiles can exist on Luggage Pool! And all businesses are verified by our moderators, who not only check the required documents, but also interview the business owners personally! Our policies ensure that travellers/drivers are not misled by the senders and no illegal stuff is ever sent using our platform.

Not to mention that ‘business’ is a collective or a representative word for people who are no different than you and me, except for the fact that they are either creating a product or running a service for you. Luggage Pool has always been about coexistence and mutual help. Businesses have served humanity since ages, but now it’s the time for you to help them back, so they make it through these tough times, and you can be their hero!

And don’t worry, we are here to ensure that only the credible businesses are approved so that you have a hassle-free experience :)


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That’s good to know but difficult people exist everywhere on the planet, how do you deal with them?

We understand that some people might be difficult to work with, and that’s why we have a feature to leave a review and rating on other profiles, so that you get to know beforehand about the particular customer. And if you are skeptical about the person not replying back, you can also check the response rate. What’s more? We are also working on adding badges for special achievements, which you can proudly show-off on your profile and build more reputation!

Last but not the least: Don’t you guys take some commission from the transactions? Yes, commissions are necessary not just to keep the platform running, but also to help it grow, expand and serve you better in the future. So commissions aren’t just for profits, they also help you get better service, newer features and improve your experience on the platform :)